Author: Paul Fettes

Commentary July 2021 – Assessing Economic Progress

With the gradual reopening of businesses post-Covid, we are seeing glimmers of hope regarding the economic recovery.  Still, the pandemic created chaos that continues to settle out bit by bit.  There were changed buying habits, pent up demand, supply chain

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Commentary April 2021 – A World Refocusing

As the winter progressed, markets were driven more than anything by increasing signs of successful vaccine rollout and hence risk reduction in the global economy.  Early in the quarter markets bounced around a bit but the month of March saw

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Commentary January 2021 – Coping with the Froth

This fall we saw mostly continuation of trends from the summer best described as splitting of the investment world.  The prospects of a Covid19 vaccine and US government spending triggered major shifts in currency and certain stocks continued to part

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Commentary October 2020 – a touch of rationality

After markets recovered this spring from the worst of the pandemic impact, the summer was a season of optimism, perhaps misplaced optimism, while a little bit of realism arrived with the coming of fall. There will likely be more ups

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We’ve just witnessed the stock market’s echo, echo, echo!

The echo has arrived. Over the course of the spring and summer I have often talked about how most major stock market pullbacks are followed by a rise up and then a second pullback. That second pullback (the echo) is

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Rainmaker or Storm-maker? Is this roller coaster coming from Trump?

Recently we in the investment world have been coping with the uncertainty related to the combative trade negotiations between the USA and China. When faced with the Trump regime’s caustic approach to trade negotiations, other nations (e.g. Canada and Mexico)

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Market Pullbacks

Reblogged from In the last couple months of 2018, the increased volatility of investment markets led two clients to write to get my sense of the market situation and how/if we should react to that. With the sense that

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Buffett and Gates on Success

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Is 4% an Unsustainable Withdrawal Rate

Historically, 4% was thought to be the withdrawal rate the average portfolio could withstand on a long term basis without eating into capital. Recent research indicates that in today’s lower investment return environment, maybe that’s no longer sustainable. We all

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